Beta Branch Patchnotes 0.12.3

  • Wieder ein kleines mini Update mit Bugfixes

    "As usual, user bug reports are marked with [UBR]. Thanks guys!"

    • [UBR] Fixed roll being displayed as bad even though it's not when using gyros
    • [UBR] Fixed alliance asteroids being unable to be sold
    • [UBR] Fixed asteroids in the outer regions being sold for 0 credits
    • [UBR] Fixed normal cargo getting sold at smuggler's market instead of stolen cargo
    • Fixed several money scaling issues, money of stations and transactions scales correctly now with distance to the center
    • [UBR] Fixed a crash in the inventory selections related to tooltips
    • [UBR] Fixed a crash when discarding broken blocks and the repair brush is open
    • [UBR] Fixed an issue where the repair brush's diff'd blocks wouldn't disappear
    • Improved german translation